Seychelles Farmers Association
  • Economy

    Contributing to the economy since 2002

  • Ecology

    Ensuring healthy farming and healthy food for today and tomorrow.

  • Equity

    Considering others in decision making.

  • Connectivity

    Networking for the future of Seychelles.

Welcome to Seychelles Farmers

SeyFA (the Seychelles Farmers' Association) is a national farmers’organization that was established in 2002. Its membership is open to farmers in Seycheles.It is involved in agricultural development by strengthening the capacities of farmers, by providing them a collective voice on national, regional and international matters, and by providing them agriculture related information as well as other likeminded stakeholders.

Our Vision

A vibrant, prosperous and profitable farming community to contribute meaningfully to food production and economic growth in Seychelles

Our Mission

To represent, lobby and advocate for farmers interest to influence the development policies t to achieve sustainable profitability and become stable agricultural producers